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So just a quick update, I’m sorry for this ridiculous delay on Sweet Heart Blues part 3! I’ve had to work more than usual, and I also have two other writing projects I’m working on. Just struggling to juggle some things around, but I promise you will get part 3 ASAP! I can not explain how much I appreciate everyone’s feedback, and eagerness! :)

Lots of love


-Jazzy <3

Naked Souls

See, there were those moments… those moments when everything was tumblr_mrwdmiMQz71s8wseeo1_400suspended. In those moments, all there was, was your hand running over my skin, and your breath on my neck and your lips… well we know what your lips were doing—your words left me breathless. I forgot the inhibitions that I wore like a safety blanket, and my fears melted. My lips were damp, but my mouth was dry, my heart was echoing in my ears like a warning, I felt like putty, and you… you crushed me between your arms and molded me to your body. My name sounded like salvation on your lips, your name became a synonym for mercy, and we came back time and time again. See, in those moments… those timeless, pendulous moments… you took from me something that I had carefully hidden long ago. You took it so quietly, so unexpectedly, so gently…

And here I was, looking for it… Little did I know I’d never get it back. Those inhibitions, those fears that you peeled away… the secrets that we shared…

You took those with you…

Those words I spoke and you read, are ours now…

Because in those moments we bared our souls and no one… no one can forget a naked soul.

You, My Hopeless Dream

You saidimages

I always know

What to say,

So let me say this…

I am too strong

To let one man

Be so                            careless,

And break me.

You were never mine…

I am so hidden

Inside of myself,

I’ve forgotten

How not to be               kind.

But you were my dream…

Let me say

That I am too


To care if I                      bleed,

But have mercy…

I am fragile…

I am so far away

Inside my mind,

I thought I was unbreakable

For a                             while.

And then you came to me…

And let me say this…

That I forgot


With a single                hope

That we could be…

But you were never mine.

You said

I always knew

What to say,

So let me say this…

I am broken,

But I will be fine…

And so I will let you go

Like the hopeless dream

You were meant to be…

Because this is the right thing to say,






remembering to forget you

It is so easy

To remember…

The nights when we were one,

When I broke my promise

And lost my heart.

But somehow

 I knew

From the start…

This is how it would end.

Those days when my mind

Would wander to you

And us.

Ironic how

I could feel

My heart breaking thus…

Crushed between my hopes, your dreams.

The breathless moments

When our lips collided,

And I knew no regret.

But deep inside

I knew

It’d be hard to forget…

What you did to me

Those nights and,

In my dreams…


So, since I have a bit of a cold today and won’t be doing much else after work, I’m planning on having another short-story up tonight! <3 I’d also like to really really thank everyone who’s commented, shared, liked, and/or given me feedback on my stories/poems on here! I appreciate very much :) You guys rock xoxo -J.S.

For Him and I (edited/work-shopped by J.R.)

Intoxicating kisses laced
with rum and scotch,
You’re fading from my memory–
an ache that started soft.

I can remember what it felt like:
the weight of our fingers intertwined.
But never a place
and never a time.

Blind, I led my hopeless
heart astray, into dreams
laced with spicy cologne.
My own trap of blissful haze.

I know what it felt like:
the heat of you exploring me.
But the feverish peaks we climbed
were piles of dry autumn leaves.

Like a fool, my heart
still thinks of only you,
holding my pieces together,
only to break me in two.

And maybe one day our kisses,
laced with intoxicating dreams,
will fade away from my memory,
Slow like the throbbing at my seams.

Special Special Thanks to J.R. (

For Him and I

Like intoxicating kisses,
Laced with rum and scotch,
You’re fading from my memory,
As slow as an ache that started soft.

I can remember what it felt like,
The weight of your fingers laced in mine,
But I cannot recall the heat of the moment,
In that place from that time.

Like a blind wanderer,
I led my hopeless heart astray,
Into dreams laced with spicy cologne,
Into my own trap of wishful haze.

I know what it had felt like,
The heat of you exploring me,
Yet the feverish peaks we climbed,
Seem only like piles of dry autumn leaves.

And somehow like a fool,
My heart still thinks of only you,
Holding my pieces together,
Perhaps only to break me in two.

And maybe one day our kisses,
Laced with intoxicating dreams,
Will fade away from my memory,
Slow like the throbbing at my seams.

After Dessert

The rich mahogany of the wood-paneled flooring, and the soft creamy textures of the tall walls contrasted beautifully. Those colors combined with the deep reds, browns, and beiges, gave off an ambiance of warmth. The fire in the hearth was flickering with a light crackling sound, heating the cabin right up. A throaty voice drawled seductively from an old vinyl, and the smooth sounds behind the voice danced along the walls and throughout the cozy family-room, and into the kitchen.
The kitchen was another magnificent room, with marble-tiled flooring, and granite countertops, it was decorated with stainless steel appliances and the magnificent gas-stove installed atop the island-counter in the center of the room. Towards the far corner along the counter that was against the wall, there was a great sink before which was an open window. Frost from the biting cold lined the glass, and she stood washing the dinner plates at the sink and staring out that window. It was a full moon that night, and despite the cold, it was a clear night. No one lived near this cabin for miles, out there in the more wooded area of the town. The guests had just left not too long ago, and since then the breeze had picked up outside.
The wind moaned around the cabin, but it was far too quiet for her to notice. She tucked a lock of auburn hair behind her right ear, and continued to work. Standing where she was, barefoot, her hips swaying, she looked delectable. She wore her knee-length dinner dress, a creamy beige that nearly blended with her skin and had faded tufts of deep blue all through it. From her dainty ears hung a set of soft pearl earring along with a long pearl necklace that hung around her delicate neck, sitting just above the round peaks of the creamy skin at her breasts. Her skin looked almost rosy under the kitchen lights, and her dark reddish brown tresses looked stark against her skin. The long curls had been down all evening but as the guests left, she’d twisted them up into a loose bun, and a few stray strands framed her cheeks. Her name was Lilly.
As she finished with the dishes she wrung out a cloth and began to wipe down the counter, leaning forward into it slightly. It was then that she felt a pair of well-muscled, large, and comfortingly warm arms snake around her waist and pulled her backwards, into a tall, hard body.
Startled at first, her lips parted on a small gasp, before she recognized the smell of him. Giggling she turned her head to the side to see him as best she could, as he pressed in close. He wore only his black trousers, and she squirmed, her giggles turning into whimpers as his lips reached the sensitive skin behind her ear. His skin was darker than hers, tanned from working under the sun, and her head barely reached his broad shoulders, resting at his chest. His hair was naturally so dark it almost looked black, and the color of his eyes stood out against his skin, a cool grey. Her own eyes were a warm hazel, and though his eyes could seem cold at times, while those eyes were looking at her anyone could see the grey turn molten. His name was Adam, her husband. Squirming as his hands splayed open, palm in, over the soft curve of her belly, Lilly tried to pry his fingers away.

“I’m not done cleaning yet, Adam, if you won’t help then at least don’t distract me,” she said in an impatient voice.

His grip tightened on her and he pressed in closer. It was then, that she felt his evident arousal, hot and pulsing, pressed against her. Lilly’s eyes widened and she squirmed,

“A-Adam, I-…I’m not done clea-” she started to stammer out.

She wasn’t sure what had gotten him to this point, and before she could finish her sentence he spun her around only to trap her between his large frame and the counter. Before she could utter another word his lips caught hers, effortlessly, in a searing kiss. Her breath left her, as he tugged at her lips with his own, and parted her only to slide his tongue inside and explore her. His tongue moved in then out of her, and then pulled back to nibble on her bottom lip. Hungry herself now, Lilly lifted up on her toes and reached up to slide her fingers along his jaw and let her own smaller tongue flick out to taste his lips. Moaning he pulled away and looked down at her, already ragged with need. Her lips were a tad swollen now, and his whiskers had left some redness around her mouth. Damn he loved how she looked just then: dazed, breathless, and marked as his.
A possessive need overcame him and he lifted her off of her feet with one final grunt of decision. He would take her, tonight, right away. As he scooped her up, Lilly looked startled yet again and began to squirm in his arms. Suddenly the realization of what was happening sank in and she flushed deeper,

“A-Adam I- I still need to g-get changed a-and the d-dining table is a m-mess…” she went on, and then gasped as she remembered something.

Not even a week ago, he’d been hurt while working. It had been a long day, and the doctor that had tended to his stitches told him specifically to not do anything vigorous. Her cheeks became scarlet as she thought to herself, he is always vigorous with these things...

“And you’re hurt! Oh dear lord, Adam the d-doctor said no heavy lifting! Oh, put me down! Y-You’ll hurt yourself!”

Scowling at her he stood at the bottom of the stairs leading up to their bedroom and looked down at her, a small little thing in his arms and said, “Babe, the only thing hurting me right now are these damned pants…” Satisfied with the silence that fell upon her after a short gasp, he grinned at her flushed cheeks and leaned in to kiss each one, and then her nose.
Up they went, then, until he reached the bedroom door. He kicked it open and moving up to the large, plush, bed he lowered his wife down onto the mattress. Crawling up on top of her he kissed her once more before trailing kisses down over her chin then her neck, only to kiss his way back up along her jaw to suck on her earlobe with his lips, and kiss her there.

“The food was great tonight, you know…” he mumbled distractedly, as he worshipped her soft skin.

“Oh…” was all she could say.

“Yeah, and the set up was… nice…” he sighed the last word as he kissed back down her neck and caught her squirming.

“Th-thats good…” she gasped.

“And you…” he trailed his kisses lower to her chest before reaching between them, and slowly lifting the hem of the dress, up and over her head.

He sucked in his breath as he removed it whole, and watched her laying there before him, bare to his gaze, in nothing by her tiny lace panties. Adam’s steamy gaze then moved to the rosie peaks of her full breasts. He groaned, the sight of her nearly undoing him.

“I-… I what…?” she stammered shyly, lifting her lashes to watch him carefully.

Looking up in her eyes he bit his bottom lip before leaning in close again, heat rippling off of him.

“You looked delicious… Good-enough-to-eat,” as he spoke the last few words he dipped his head lower and lower until, after the last word, he caught one of her nipples with his lips.

Lilly let out a startled squeak and her back arched upwards as her eyes squeezed shut and she turned her face away weakly. Reaching up she slid her fingers through his hair and squirmed as his tongue joined his lips, heightening the small, quick, pulses of pleasure that shot through her with each suckle. Groaning she squirmed beneath him, and her fingers moved over his shoulders then and down his arms. Back up his arms she rested her hands over his shoulders, her gentle kneading fingers driving him nearly over the edge. Pulling away he moved to the other nipple and did the same thing. Gasping for breath, she was sure she’d come from just his lips doing the things he was doing.
Finally moving from her, now beaded, nipples he reached down to those lace panties of hers, and ever so slowly slid them all the way down her shapely legs, and over her finely-boned feet. As he tossed them aside he looked at her, and shook his head as she reached down to cover her privates instinctively.

“I’ve seen you before sweetheart… don’t hide…” He said in a quiet, rumbling, voice.

A slow smile, then, curved her lips as she spread her legs and revealed to him the wet proof of her equal arousal. Groaning he reached for her, but she quickly scooted out of reach. Shaking her head at him, she lowered herself onto her back again, and then, legs parted, she reached down and parted her lips for him, before slowly running her finger up and then down over those lips. Then ever so slowly she began to pleasure herself in front of him, moaning and stretching and straining, going fast then slow. Her breasts bounced with her squirming and slightly jerky movements, as her fingers brushed up against overly-sensitive spots. Adam watched, his jaw clenched and his hands in fists, as she writhed before him and did to herself what he wanted, needed, to do to her.
Her gasps came quicker, and became louder, until finally she came. Exploding into a million fragments, Lilly moaned long and hard, her heels digging into the bed. After a few minutes, once she’d gained enough strength and wit, she sat up on her knees and looked up at him. While she’d been putting on a show for him, he’d quietly removed his pants, and she could see the prominent evidence of his arousal; his thick member curved up with the rush of hot blood surging through him. Biting her bottom lip she crawled towards him on all fours and moved up to place a warm welcoming kiss on his lip. Tugging on her lower lip between his teeth, he pressed his hot palms against the beaded tips of her breasts, before running them down to cup her round behind, and press her more firmly to him. As his pulsing male member pressed to her she squeaked and quickly shimmied out of his reach shaking her head playfully.

“No! It’s my turn…” she whispered, and then, sitting on her knees, she pushed him back onto the bed.

Once he was leaning back against the pillows, she shyly got on all fours, and ever so slowly leaned her head down. Before he could look up to watch her move, she lowered her soft lips over the head of him, and he groaned at the feel of her soft, warm, breath falling over him. As he moaned she lowered her lips further only to pull back, and run her tongue along the length of him. Moaning softly at the flavor she found there, she began to kiss from the tip of him all the way down to the base. Teasing him with her tongue and lips she moaned again, and felt him tense. Adam felt his control slipping, and his every muscle tensed and rippling with desire. On a low growl he moved her up and over him, and before she knew it, she was beneath him and on her back. Looking up at him she started to slide her hands back down towards his throbbing manhood,

“But I wasn’t do-” he cut her words short, as he quickly grasped her delicate wrists between one of his large hands, and pinned them gently back above her head.

Lilly squirmed, a bit startled, and looked up at him suddenly shy again. He lowered himself then, on top of her, until she could feel every inch of him pressed to her much smaller, and softer frame. Feeling his arousal against the inside of one of her silky smooth thighs, she closed her eyes tight and he slowly spread her legs wider and leaned in to whisper sweet, erotic, promises into her ear. Trembling with need she whimpered as she felt him against her damp opening. Adam kissed her then, deep and hard. Then, without warning, he thrust deep into her, and she cried out loudly, her body arching up to meet his, and her hips squirming in startled protest. His hands now on her hips, held her tight as he began to slowly, and steadily rock himself inside of her.
Her startled gasps turned into moans of pleasure and those soft yet sinfully sexy sounds that came from her swollen lips grew louder and louder. Adam pumped in and out of her, his pace getting quicker, yet deeper. She felt so impossibly full of him, and she bit her bottom lip to muffle her sounds to no avail. Her moans turned into a steady rhythm of “oh’s” and “ah’s”. As he moved with her, and together they climbed one peak and then another, Adam grit his teeth feeling her inner-walls convulsing and clamping down on him again and again as he brought her to one more climax, and then another. Lilly’s fingers dug into his back as she clung to him for dear life and writhed beneath him, overwhelmed with the intense pleasure thrumming through her.
Suddenly his pace picked up yet again, and he was pushing himself into her faster, and deeper and harder. She was sure that she couldn’t come another time, she’d lost count of the shattering orgasms she’d just endured and as he showered kisses all over her shoulders and neck and chest, she held on and gasped for breath.

“A-Adam… I-.. I can’t… Oh!” as she started to protest she felt her body give in to the pleasures he provided.

Nearly screaming his name, she tumbled over the edge yet again, her body writhing and jerking beneath him as he elongated her pleasure with his relentless thrusting. She was whimpering from the pleasure and digging her nails into his shoulders and arms now, trying desperately to hold on. At last he reached the peak with her and groaned as he released his seed deep inside of her. Grunting he held her close, spilling into her, and she held onto him, breathless and dazed. Feeling helplessly full she closed her eyes, flushed, and exhausted. Gathering her close, Adam cuddled up behind her and placed a gentle kiss upon her forehead.
Smiling sleepily up at him, she shivered and burrowed in closer to his chest, turning to face him. Moving as she shivered he quickly tucked her in beneath the sheets, joining her a moment later.

“I- I don’t know what’s g-gotten into you, Adam but th-…” she stammered and stopped as he finished for her.

“Was amazing?” he said quietly grinning at her with his eyes closed, as she laid her head on his chest.

“I was going to say, pretty good…” she giggled drowsily.

“Pretty good? Did you forget what just happened already, here let me remind you…”

Adam reached for her seductively, and laughing softly Lilly smacked his arm gently.

“Okay, okay, it was amazing!” she said quietly.

“That’s my girl…”

Lilly yawned and curled up beside him. Snuggled together, they slowly drifted off to sleep.


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